Devis Cirthana

"My finest weapon in this town is patience. I pray it is enough."


Lady Devis Cirthana is a short woman who keeps her curly black hair trimmed short, a sensible and simple cut that divulges much about her personality. Unless preaching, she often sports either pursed-lips or a jaded, blank expression- no doubt the result of her time in Falcon’s Hollow.


Lady Cirthana hails from Galt, where she was one of the devout tasked with maintaining a sacred site there. Her presence in the Hollow is perhaps evidence that her betters thought she would best serve a different role, and sent her to take charge of the small, unsuccessful mission in Falcon’s Hollow that had been started about a year prior. Many speculate that this was perhaps in response to the current Gavel’s takeover, in an attempt to aid the beleaguered township. Thus far, the temple has come a long way, even having raised enough money under Cirthana’s leadership to renovate the old warehouse they were initially given as a place to hold services. Still, Cirthana struggles to bring people into the church, with only a few meager supporters and nothing better than indifference from Kreed’s favored on the hill.

Devis Cirthana

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