Gwynne Belfleur


A tall Human brunette with a thick Galtan accent, Lady Belfeur generally strikes people as immediately beautiful and glamorously clothed, and her tendency towards slight, subtle smirks has been known to floor grown men (particularly after a few drinks).


The proprietress of the Rouge Lady’s well-known brothel, it is often said that she is the name of the establishment. Many believe Lady Belfeur is also Kabran’s lover behind closed doors, though if it’s true they do a good enough job covering up that there’s never been any evidence of it. Few can say they’ve ever had the coin to pay for an evening the the Rouge Lady herself, and those who have don’t talk about it openly. She is both revered for her beauty and feared for what little information most people can get on her- and her affiliation with Kabran and the Redrock Guild mean most people don’t dig too deep.

(photo courtesy of Phobs on DeviantArt)

Gwynne Belfleur

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