Leonora Barandyai

"The crows have settled on this corpse. Let's put it to rest, shall we?"


Leonora is not quite beautiful, but there is something intriguing about the freckled Varisian woman. Her age is difficult to discern, as few ever see her without heavy kohl and other make-up. When not engaged with a client, she sits outside her tent at the carnival giving meaningful looks to passerby, nodding absently now and then and tapping one of the cards before her as though something has just been confirmed. She wears traditional Varisian clothes, although in style rather more like an old woman than a dancing girl.

(Picture stock is by TheGhostSiren on DeviantArt.)


Leonora arrived in town about a year ago, and has been working as a Harrow reader in the carnival ever since. She comes into town sometimes, but never alone and she avoids eye contact with most.

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Leonora Barandyai

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