Talon Hawke

"Local Boys don't make good in the Hollow, 'less Mistah Kreed says so. Clever tongue's not going to be so clever when it gets cut out." - "Payday" Teedum


Talon has the look of a dandy who is down on his luck. His hair is short enough to show that it was once cut regularly, but has become a slightly unruly mop of golden locks that now get in his face if he doesn’t wear his wide-brimmed hat. His blonde van dyke beard maintains its shape thanks to the fact that he bought one of the last shaving kits to come through the general store. He is of an imposing height – over six feet – but exhibits the rail-thinness of his elven ancestry.

His clothing is well-made, with elvish accents, and is mostly in greens and whites. It stays clean and together despite his rough living thanks to regular magical care. He is most well known in town for his greatcoat, whose soft fabric subtly shifts from a light mossy green to a dark forest green depending on the lighting around him. While he does manage to keep himself clean, life in a tavern common room has given him a faint smell of whiskey and tobacco.


Folk all over Darkmoon Vale know the name Talon Locke, though their reactions to it run the gamut from bemusement to resentment. Born to a druidess of the Greenfire Circle and an unknown father, the boy turned away from the nature-worshipping ways of those that raised him to pursue an urban education, eventually reading Law at Almas University. No one knows what drove him back to the Vale, though he vehemently denies that it was anything untoward.

Four years ago, he began working as a lawyer in Falcon’s Hollow, and has been little more than an unqualified disaster since. He became infamous for giving strident speeches in court, condemning the practices of the Lumber Consortium. He’s been assaulted and has had to defend himself in a few duels, though he has proven the match of the journeyman swordsmen the Consortium dug up. In response, the Consortium has put pressure on the locals not to avail themselves of his legal services, drying up his funds. He’s helped a few lumberjacks in desperate straits, as well as some folk not associated with the Consortium, but it’s barely enough to eke out a living amongst Falcon Hollow’s exorbitant prices. His current “office” and residence is the common room of Jak’a’Napes, where he pays a small rent to sleep on a bench after closing, and does odd mending and repair work in the interminably long periods between clients.

Talon Hawke

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