Falcons Hollow

Falcon’s Hollow

Town Nonstandard (lumber consortium);
GP Limit 1,500 gp; Assets 40,550 gp
Demographics Population 1,400 Type isolated (94% human, 3% halfling, 1% half-elf, 1% elf, 1% other races)


  1. The Cutyard – The Cutyard is the heart of the small town of Falcon’s Hollow in Andoran. Lumber crews work the yard day and night under terrible conditions, spewing sawdust into the Foam River. Nights shifts work with waterwheel powered saws and grinding lathes with only a single dim lantern. Accidents are frequent but if questioned, Thuldrin Kreed simply answers that oil is hard to come up in town while the fingers are cheap. Most of the workers live in cramped shacks surrounding the Cutyard, plagued by the sounds of saws and axes even when they aren’t working. The crushing effect of unending labor on the workers has caused many workers to go mad, taking axes to their co-workers.
  2. Lumber Warehouse
  3. Paper Mill
  4. Low Market – Open to everyone in town, the Low Market sells the High Market’s food leftovers (including meats and vegetables just starting to go bad), heavily salted meats, and other foodstuffs that barely survive their trip to the market. Nothing in the Low Market sells for more than a few gold, and almost everything is worth only coppers. The portly Jasin Greatoak organizes the Low Market’s various stalls and cart-bound booths. Jasin is always friendly but not very clever.
  5. High Market – Sitting atop the hill, and overshadowed by Kreed Manor and the Consortium’s Headquarters, the High Market is closed to the general populace. The few who have been there can tell you how the fruits and vegetables available at the stalls hold no sign of rot, and the quality of goods and services offered far exceeds that of those available in the Low Market. Kreed reserves the High Market for visiting dignitaries and officials, and those who are within his pocket in the town.
  6. Ferry Dock
  7. Jak’a’Napes – This somewhat ramshackle inn is located next to the town’s stables and offers food and lodging to the travellers who come through. The inn’s owner, a rotund and red-faced man named Jak Crimmy with a single wisp of bright red hair on his otherwise bald head, is a retired bard who sports and easy smile and serves the best cinnamon-crusted flapjacks this side of the nation. Mister Crimmy also shows astonishing talent at juggling pans and has a knack with the heavy crossbow he keeps hanging behind the bar to discourage shenanigans.
  8. The Hollow Tribunal – Many citizens of the town take grim irony in the name of this establishment, as the justice meted out in this hall is rarely equitable. The Magistrate Vamros Harg runs the Tribunal, stamping labor claims, dispensing merchant licenses, and dealing with criminal disputes.
  9. The Sitting Duck – Settled dangerously close to the town palisades, this local brewery is home to many of the adventurers that come through town. The Duck serves a unique ale of fermented darkwood leaf which can reportedly floor an ogre in two tankards. Raucus games of “knivesies” and “lefty-loosy” (two local recreational activities with a high rate of maiming) often rage late into the night. Many of the tavern’s regulars will trade information on the local adventuring dives for a mug (or three) of ale.
  10. Darkmoon Lumber Headquarters – Once the most impressive building in Falcon’s Hollow, Thuldrin Kreed has allowed the office to fall into disrepair, for the most part, while his own manor house continues to nearly shine in opulence. Kreed only uses this building to host important consortium guests and other official business he wishes to keep out of his private estate. Otherwise, this once-grand and bustling building usually remains empty.
  11. Church of Iomedae – Despite a lack of competition and a noted concern for the town’s residents, Lady Cirthana continues to struggle to win converts in the beleaguered town. Few of the townsfolk trust the Priestess, and most lay their medical concerns with Roots and Remedies. In addition, Kreed and the Consortium have both made clear their disapproval in the Inheritor’s meddling in town affairs, and many of the inhabitants who fled Olfden or other locales due to religious persecution resent the temple’s presence in the Hollow. Tensions run high amongst the congregations, and more than a few weekend masses have ended in less-than-holy brawls on the muddy thoroughfares of Worship Way.
  12. Kreed Manor
  13. Vade’s Tower – The mysterious Sharvaros Vade and his pale son inhabit this tower. Nobody’s quite sure how the odd, quiet man got his place next to High Market and Kreed Manor, though many of the locals are willing to share their wild theories over a few drinks.
  14. Roots and Remedies – Thick strands of ivy cover the facade of this two-story shop, run by the local herbalist, Laurel. A harsh, stick-thin Garundi woman with severe-looking spectacles and thick, dirty-blonde hair, Laurel’s income stems as much from the sale of snake oils and aphrodisiacs as it does from questionable cure-alls and bitter teas. As quick to suggest expensive remedies as she is to remind angry customers that she is not, in fact, a physician, Laurel still does her best to help those who enter her humble shop, though her tight budget and her pride generally prevent her from admitting failure.
  15. The Rouge Lady – The lush curtains at the back of this burlesque and gambling hall hide a well-known but rarely spoken of pleasure den, run by Kabran Bloodeye and his Redrock Guild. The Rouge Lady also serves as a front for the guild’s very legitimate moneylending business- that is, unless you can’t pay them back. Not as far in Kreed’s pocket as he might like, Kabran and the Redrock Guild still have an uneasy truce with the Gavel of the Hollow, which is what prevents the Sheriff from storming the illegal brothel and setting the Half-Orc and his band of cutpurses and murderers straight.
  16. The Goose & Gander – The local general store in Falcon’s Hollow is run by the only gnome resident, Brickasnurd Hildrinsocks, who sells everything from standard amenities such as grain, lamp oil, ink, and mining supplies, to such rare oddities as alchemist’s fire, antitoxin, a petrified pseudodragon, and taxidermy nixies (which he’s happy to inform you are all the rage this season).
  17. Quinn’s Carnival – Namdrin Quinn and his companions wow crowds with feats of skill and magic by night. Rumor has it that after the tents close Namdrin and his merry band entreat with dark fey, whose anger mounts at the constant lumbering incursions into the wood. Some say Quinn the shadowdancer spies for the vengeful fey, who plan retribution and murder.
  18. Grain Mill

Falcons Hollow

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