Historical Timeline

4389 – Logging Camp of Falconridge is founded

4402 – Last known treant driven from Darkmoon Vale area

4437 – Argus Berekland discovers placer gold in the River Foam.

4438 – The Druid Kingdom of Narven founded by the high druid Narven Feathereyes.

4452 – Logging camp of Northsap is founded as Falconridge’s Darkwood supplies are eradicated.

4466 – Highhelm declares its independence from Tar Khadurrm, which quickly thereafter self-implodes. Many dwarfs flee the Five Kings Mountains for Dwarf Holds elsewhere.

4491 – Forest King Narven dies and the Druid Kingdom peacefully disintegrates. Kol “”Two-Paws” Thornaold founds the Greenfire Circle.

4609 – The witch, Ulizmila, arrives in Darkmoon Wood.

4645 – Stiegger Ericson forms Fangwatch in Arthfell Forest.

4657 – The dragon, Wataxshyl, arrives in Olfden.

4669 – The People’s Revolt drastically changes Andoran, making it the first stable democracy in Avistan in modern history.

4697 – The Goblinblood Wars ravage Isger and cause hardship for nearby Druma and Andoran. Elara founds her orphanage on the edge of Darkmoon Wood.

4699 – Last appearance of Daralathyxl.

4707 – Night of Silver Blood decimates population of Olfden in major siege of hobgoblins and silver-imperious werewolves.

4708 – Current Year.

Historical Timeline

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