Deldrin Baleson


Deldrin is tall for a half-elf, towering over most humans, and his well-muscled, imposing form is further enhanced by his sharp gold-flecked eyes.


Deldrin Baleson used to be a simple lumberjack in the service of Thuldrin Kreed. He became elected Sheriff just a week after he smashed Payden Teedum’s face with the flat side of an axe Teedum tried to tax him for though Baleson had already paid for it. Nowadays he and his deputies are the main force opposing Kreed and his thugs.

Strong willed and tough, Sheriff Baleson takes no guff from anyone, whether publicly drunken lumberjack or wrathful lumber consortium gavel. Multiple attempts by the lumber consortium and its thugs to secretly end his life have resulted only in numerous arrests and three dead thugs.

Deldrin Baleson

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